The Pickled Mushroom

The Princess’ 101 Tasks

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Time Span:
Wednesday, 26th March 2008 to Wednesday, 22nd December 2010

44 fullfilled, 71 still to go!

The Princess’ 101 Tasks:

  1. Learn how to chest-hoop.

  2. Learn how to knee-hoop.

  3. Get a proper hula hoop. No more Wave Hoop! (22/9/08)
  4. Learn to hoop at least ten tricks clock-wise.

  5. Write a short story in German again, at least 4000 words.

  6. Write an original story instead of fanfiction.

  7. Read 35 books on my “To read” list. (It’s not like I won’t read a bazillion other books besides.)

  8. Finish my story “Scraps of Gold”.

  9. Draw 20 pictures, complete with outlines and colour.

  10. Inform myself about Marie-Antoinette.

  11. Wear something lolita that’s not black.

  12. Get a 3 in maths.

  13. Start learning a new language, preferably something Asian.

  14. Learn some basic knitting.

  15. Learn to cook at least 5 different things properly.

  16. Try 10 different teas.

  17. Start learning embroidery again.

  18. Lose five centimetres of my waist circumference.

  19. Sew a blouse with pintucks for Henrietta.

  20. Buy a second doll.

  21. Read a book in French.

  22. Write a short story in French.

  23. Make nice bed linen.

  24. Meet my Belgian exchange student again.

  25. Visit a French/Belgian library or bookshop.

  26. Learn how to do HTML.

  27. Take part in a flashmob.

  28. Sew a piece of clothing by hand.

  29. Organize a lolita meet-up.

  30. Go to a convention.

  31. Have a lolita meet-up for my birthday.

  32. Go to three museums.

  33. Go to the beach.

  34. Decorate the free space on my wall with pictures.

  35. Walk to school for a week instead of taking the bus.

  36. Renew my plush horse’s hoofs. (They are falling apart after ten years of cuddling.)

  37. Go to a doll meet-up.

  38. Write letters home from Australia at least once a month.

  39. Draw a small comic.

  40. Learn to pick out 10 different flowers and herbs that are common in Germany.

  41. Invent a children’s story and illustrate it.

  42. Learn to pick out 10 different trees.

  43. Eat no pre-made food for a week.

  44. Go to an Asian restaurant and eat everything with chopsticks.

  45. Get a nice clock for my room.

  46. Buy a nice camera.

  47. Learn how take nice photos.

  48. Start portrait-drawing.

  49. Do a small piece of writing every week for a whole year, even if it is just 100 words.

  50. Post a secret at loli_secret.

  51. Go to Sealife.

  52. Got to a zoo.

  53. Go swimming at least five times.

  54. Learn to play 20 new songs on the violin.

  55. Exercise at least three times a week for a month, even if it’s just a walk or half an hour of hooping.

  56. Add a new line to the Princess code.

  57. Buy something from a lolita brand, even if it’s just a second-hand handkerchief.

  58. Learn about the Victorian era – politics, art, clothes, living.

  59. Invent five fairytales. (1/5)

  60. Have breakfast on school days.

  61. Take a nice snack from home to school for a month instead of buying a sandwich on my way.

  62. Have a vegetarian week.

  63. Read at least the first three chapters of the Latin version of Harry Potter.

  64. Buy some of my old Disney favourites – the video tapes’ audio is completely wonky after so many years.

  65. Look up old books on behaviour and act like a proper lady for at least a week.

  66. Take part in a life drawing course.

  67. Get a desk and a chair for my room.

  68. Get my beautiful lamp installed after having it lying around for two years.

  69. See kangaroos and koalas and other Australian animals.

  70. Save 5€ each month for 1 year.

  71. Reread the old fairytales I’ve loved as a child, especially the less known ones.

  72. Visit three castles.

  73. Meet my dearest online friend in Melbourne.

  74. Survive the flight to Australia without a panic attack.

  75. Learn how to do nice face-ups on dolls.

  76. Get a pair of bloomers and a matching top for a pyjama, or a pretty nightgown.

  77. Go to the cinema three times at least.

  78. Grow a flower.

  79. Keep a diary daily for at least a month.

  80. Re-watch my favourite Disney movies.

  81. Grow a tomato plant in my garden.

  82. Take part in the “Christmas in a shoebox” campaign.

  83. Build a wardrobe for Henrietta. (Twenty pieces of clothing minimum.)

  84. Sell old books.

  85. Sell my old bike.

  86. Take part in a comic drawing contest, no matter if I end up with the last place.

  87. Learn something about three different Princesses, their eras, the way they lived and pick out my favourites.

  88. Learn to recognize 5 different birds.

  89. Do at least the majority of my homework every day for a month.

  90. Keep my room tidy for a least half a year.

  91. Try some basic animation, even if it’s just the bouncing ball.

  92. Start drawing from life.

  93. Learn to pick out 40 countries on the map and the names of their capital cities.

  94. Visit my old elementary school on a free day.

  95. Finish Final Fantasty X-2.

  96. Go to bed at ten o’clock and rise at quarter past six for at least one month.

  97. Learn some of the major astronomical contellations.

  98. Improve my chemistry mark to a 3.

  99. Invent a new world.

  100. Improve my handwriting.

  101. Return library books in time.


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  1. Good luck! =p

    Comment by Gabriel — November 16, 2009 @ 1:38 am

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