The Pickled Mushroom

| May 5, 2009

© Mike Haverkate

© Mike Haverkate

Coming back to Germany has been strange so far, and I’m still settling in. I am back in my own room, I can see my family everyday, it is all very unsettling at times.

What I notice most is that settling back in is a very sensual process. Whenever I open the window or go outside, I still pause for a moment every time and take a deep breath. It smells so different from Australia – very green, I can smell the wet earth after the rain (yes, summer is starting in June and it’s still cold and rainy today), the lilacs in our garden, and also at home I can smell the straw in my rabbit’s cage and the nice, strong scent of German bread. Everything is overwhelmingly green outside, I never really noticed how green it all is. When I went home after school today and came past the park near my school, it was a strange feeling to be walking here under green canopies with the rain dripping everywhere.

School… could be worse. I think I will never look at things the same way again after having been at Matthew Flinders, both in a good and a bad way. I see now things about my school that I have never seen like this before, and that I now find unacceptable. I got laughed at in art class for offering up an answer when everyone was just asking “How stupid is that question?” No one is motivated, no one would do art in that class if they didn’t have to do either music or art. No serious work will be done there, I will learn absolutely nothing in that class, or exchange some thoughts concerning art there. It makes me sad after having the honour of being in Mr Sherriff’s class. (You guys and your art rock my socks. I will never find such dedication and talent here, at least in my class.)

Sport, however, was an unsuspected surprise. PE has always been my personal nemesis, at least if I get judged on it, because I’m not very good at it. But now, it actually was the class I enjoyed most today! We’re almost only girls – just two boys, and they’re quite nice – and because we’re doing soccer, we’re all about the same amount of bad. No one is being mean, no backbiting, everyone puts an honest effort into it. That really surprised me. Even a girl that always pretty much hated me smiled back at me today. Another girl also told me she thought it was great I lost so much weight. That was nice to hear.

My mum took me to see “Australia” today. I have to say that the German voice of Nullah is really annoying, and I’m still not sure what I think about the movie, but for now I quite liked it. (And Hugh Jackman is made of ten kinds of awesome. Hrrrr.)

Oh, and I’m finally vegetarian since coming here. I’m really happy to finally be able to make this decision for myself and pull through with it 🙂 I bought a mango today, and I’ll have some for recess tomorrow. Yummy! Australia taught me to love my fruit and veggies even more than before.

There’s also a small project – or rather, a really big project – that I’m working on now, but that’s my secret 😛 Maybe later.

Today is international Princess Day, the 5th of May. I didn’t do anything especially princess-y except wear my bright red, ruffly bolero to school, but I will do something these days. We’ll see.

I’m also getting myself a big box to put letters in, so you can start writing now 😀


  1. It is Children’s day (こどものひ) in Japan today!!

    Comment by Yuri — May 6, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

    • Oh, and I forgot about it!! How is everyone in Japanese class?

      Comment by kjesta — May 10, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

  2. Hey Mel

    Princess day? Cool. lol

    That really sucks about your art class. Wack them with a paint brush if they do it again lol. If the lack of motivation really bothers you can’t you do like an after-school class or something?

    Well nothing has been happening at school recently, we’re going to see ‘Bombshells’ next week so that should be interesting. Oh, and they’ve fixed up the toilets on the forst floor in the Embling building, they look really good now.

    Project? You can’t say sometihng like that and not give out details. It’s evil I tell you, EVIL! lol

    So, have fun and don’t study too hard! lol

    Comment by Sam — May 7, 2009 @ 6:33 am

    • There’s an art club on Wednesday afternoons where two friends of mine go, and I’m told it’s pretty good, so I’ll have a look into that 🙂 I’m just a bit annoyed after awsome art class in Australia, but whatever.

      Ha, you’ll have to take a picture of the loo for me 😛

      The project is a biiig secret, and it’s very… secret! So, you’ll just have to wait 😛 *hugs*

      Comment by kjesta — May 10, 2009 @ 7:44 pm

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