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From Melbourne to Düsseldorf – A Travel Diary | May 9, 2009

Here is, as promised, my travel diary. I wrote it during my journey from Melbourne to Düsseldorf to keep myself occupied, and also to give you people something to read here 😛 It took me until yesterday to get around to typing it, it’s a bit long.

And I want to put a bit of a warning here: I was practically sleepless for over 30 hours, jetlagged, sad because I was leaving and at times just generally grumpy. I tried not to edit it too much typing it, because I wanted it to show what I did feel at that moment instead of prettying it up, because that’s what a diary is about. So if you think, “Oh, she’s whining again!”, yes, I probably did whine a lot. It’s also quite random at times. If you think you can take it, go ahead 😉

Oh, and never mind the wonky times, I couldn’t be bothered to write all the different local times for all three countries. (Australia, Germany, Singapore) If you want me to, I can still edit that, though.


From Melbourne to Düsseldorf – A Travel Diary

30.4.09, 12:45am, Tullamarine Airport

Alright, folks – this is going to be one long trip and I’ll do a bit of a documentary for you, mainly because a) I love you all and b) I had neither enough motivation nor space in my luggage to get a good book, so I need something to do. Let’s start at, well, the start.

On my way to Australia I had three flights plus one from Sydney to Melbourne three days after I arrived: Duesseldorf to Frankfurt (that’s within Germany), Frankfurt to Singapore and Singapore to Sydney. All in all, I was on the go for a good twenty-four hours. The time changes do get me a bit confused, but I try to keep everything in Melbourne format. (Sadly, it still messes with my brain – I hope you don’t mind.)

This time I’m not stopping in Sydney – it’s Melbourne, Singapore, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, and from there my family and I will catch a train to Hilden, that’s where I live. My travel time – from leaving my host family’s house to arriving in Duesseldorf – is a bit over 30 hours.

Right now the check-in isn’t open yet (my flight is scheduled for 3:50pm) and I did the overnight-editing for my Literature SAC here. Sadly, no post office around – I’ll have to send it all the way from Germany. Sorry, Mrs Pearce *sigh* (And thanks for the beautiful card and bookmark 🙂 It was balm for my soul to read it after my great dilemma – which I describe in the next bit.)

1:05pm Melbourne time

Okay, the first drama of the day is already happening. I was at the check-in – and discovered that my suitcase weighed 42kg instead of the allowed 30kg! The lady explained very kindly to me that I’d have to repack, that is, put 12kg into another bag/suitcase (that I would have to buy first) and then still pay over 700 dollars to get it home. ARGH.

Fortunately, my host family is still in the city and has a heart of gold because when I phone them completely hysterically, my host mum agrees to come and take the 12 kilos off me to send them to me by post. That’s still about a hundred dollars, but way better than seven times that. So I buy a massive tote bag (which is actually quite stylish) and randomly stuff as much heavy stuff as possible into it. Goodbye kilt and year twelve jumper, goodbye Geelong book, goodbye Veganomicon, best cookbook on Earth. I’ll see you in Germany in 2 months’ time. Oh dear.

The scales scattered around here all don’t work, so I have no way of telling if it’s enough or not. PANIC! HORROR! SCREAM!

2:50pm Melbourne time

Good – I’m sitting at gate 11 and have an hour to go until my flight. What happened in the last two hours: my host mum picked up the bag and got me down from the panic I had gotten myself in, then I checked in my big, bright green suitcase and my folded-up super cool sparkly blue circus hoop of doom. Oversize luggage. Oh well.

Next thing I exchanged some money so I can buy something in Singapore (last time I saw a really cute shop with key chains there, that’s not too large to buy – provided I can find the shop again) and also so I have at least one piece each of every Australian coin and two notes, five and ten dollars. As a keepsake 🙂 It’s really strange to hold European money again.

3:50pm Melbourne time

I’m on the plane now, but we haven’t taken off yet.

At the airport I bought a plush koala for my brother (he wanted one 🙂 ) and earrings for me, a ring for a friend and an owl ring for my mum. (She’s obsessed with owls – they’re everywhere in our living-room! Right now I’m being watched by a whole cabinet of figurines and plushies, a mask on the wall above me, a money bank on the cupboard the other side of the room… EVERYWHERE!)

Next thing I got a text message from my host mum, reminding me not to stress and instead to buy a cup of tea 🙂 Very soothing.

I got through customs and security checks just fine, and got to the gate. I actually met a girl from Germany! She’s also been to Australia for ten months, but to work instead of going to school, she’s older than me. I kept starting to talk in English and I have to say that by now I’m actually more comfortable speaking English than German. After having spoken it for so long, German seems so… grammatical, stiff and unemotional. And I also noticed that Aussies are much more relaxed. Good on ya, people. 😉

Anyway. I thought I would fly in a group with other German exchange students, but apparently I’m the only one here. Let’s hope I’ll find my way around massive Changi airport in Singapore, I’ve only got two hours to get on the plane.

I’m sharing a three-seated row on the left side of the plane with a middle-aged man from America, going by his accent. I got the window seat 🙂 Singapore Airlines is awesome, you’ve got your own TV (I hope we’ve got Spongebob again! :D), the stewardesses have the most beautiful costumes, you get hot towels to refresh and everything. Woohoo!

Before take-off I texted everyone I had in the phonebook of my mobile, a few numbers didn’t work though, so sorry if you didn’t get one! (Or I hadn’t put you in my mobile yet, that would be another sorry.)

We took off so fast, it always seemed to take ages before. I was crying, I have to admit – the ten months have gone by so fast and I can’t even imagine anymore going back to my old life, because Australia really was that: a new life. And in a few terms, a better one.

I also finally read my other letter. Thank you so much, dear writer, you have no idea how much it means to me. (Or maybe you do, considering how every word went straight to my heart. I have to admit, I had to cry, but as we say in Germany, I’m built close to the water. I’ll never forget you or stop to write.)

While we’re at secrecy, yesterday after school I found a pin (as in, a brooch thingy, not sure what exactly it’s called) in my jumper pocket. It’s beautiful, the flags of Australia and Germany crossed (never noticed how good they look together), in gold and enamel. I have no idea who slipped it into my pocket (at least I can’t remember having gotten it from someone), but I wanted to say how surprised and happy I was to find it. I will keep it like a treasure. (Like everyone’s farewell presents.) If it was you, feel free to tell me – or not. Having a mystery like this would be beautiful too.

4:40 Melbourne time, First plane

We got the menues some minutes ago – and there’s tuna and pasta salad as an appetizer. Sigh. I’ll eat every last fruit and vegetable you give me, and I’m not vegetarian until I’m home, but I just don’t do fish and seafood. Good thing I’ve still got apples and some cashews. (I also got peanuts from the stewardess 🙂 Yummy!)

In Melbourne time, we’ll reach Singapore around nine o’clock, I think. So a few hours to go still. My sense of time is already all wonky again, it’s hardly sunk in yet that I’ll be up and running (figuratively speaking) for the next 24h – I can’t sleep really on planes, so that’s a whole lot of no sleep. And in Germany it’ll only be 11:30am when I meet my family in Düsseldorf! So there’s still a good deal of the day left to be awake through. I want to go to sleep at a normal time, otherwise the jetlag will kill me. I’ll just sit around with my family, cuddle my rabbit, get my doll out of her box again (Henrietta is more of an art project than a toy, so I kept her packed away for the last ten months – too much UV makes her go yellow, cough), flip through my favourite German books, etc. Oh, and I’ve still got Final Fantasy XII to finish! It’s strange how you really miss the little things, like having a lazy day and sitting in front of the play station in your pyjamas all day when you should be doing homework 😛 That kind of stuff.

I don’t have to stay up as long as on my trip to Australia though. Back then, I left on my first plane at seven in the evening, so I already had most of the day behind me – then 24h of travelling, and then we (I was travelling in a group) arrived in Sydney at 7am, with the whole day still ahead and crammed with a program. We all tried to stay awake as long as possible, but by 6pm we were all sitting in the hall for dinner with our heads on the table.

On my flight here I watched “Horton hears a Who” (so cute!) and “The other Boleyn girl” (where I spent most of the time drooling over the period costumes). Now what’s on today? Oh, the choices! But I’ll probably go with “Billy Elliot” and “Bolt”. Yep, the latter is the animator to-be in me speaking.

7pm, Melbourne time

Right now I’m watching “Bolt”, and it’s really cute. The pigeons (“oooh, I know him, tip of my tongue”) are awesome, and I lovelovelove Mittens’ animation.

About half an hour ago we came past Uluru, and I could see it down below in the sunset. So beautiful. It makes me think back to my trip through central Australia, when we visited Uluru. That seems so long ago now and it’s only been seven a half months!

By the way, it still doesn’t really feel like I’m going home. For all my heart thinks I’m going to get up the next morning, get in my uniform and deliver that Lit SAC. It’ll be a bit of an effort to get used to Germany again. Culture shock – they tell you all about it, but nothing really prepares you. Sigh.

Oh, and I think something’s wrong with my mp3 player. A whole bunch of songs suddenly doesn’t have titles anymore or they’re Chinese, and it seems to be spreading. Can mp3 players have viruses? That would suck royally!

4h to go. Phew. Dinner was nice, but I left the salad, butter and cheese, and instead had my crackers and bun without anything. Call me a purist. I can’t really eat much on flights anyway – besides, I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm for cheese, strange. Maybe I’m cut out to be vegan after all.

7:35pm Melbourne time, 5:35pm Singapore time

They’ve dimmed the lights now, and the sunset outside is beautiful. We’re over Derby now and 10 363m high – a lot! Almost over the sea, we’re coming closer to the Indian Ocean.

Did I mention that on the bus home yesterday I saw a rainbow? The whole sky was grey and layered with thick, white clouds, but there was, no bigger than the nail of my thumb, a tiny bit of rainbow, just hanging up in the sky. It almost vanished if you looked too closely, but I managed to get a picture. That really gave me a little tingle after being so sad from saying goodbye so many times.

There’s more than one of you that I couldn’t say goodbye to enough (but actually, that’s not true, I don’t want to say any goodbyes, so of course there’s never enough) and I’m truly sorry for that. I hope you forgive me and understand that I regret it just as much as you – and maybe we’ll see each other again sooner than expected, who knows?

I’ll finish “Bolt” now, and maybe have a short nap afterwards.

8:05pm, Melbourne time

We’ve reached the Indian Ocean.

Goodbye, Australia. I’ll never forget you, and I’ll come back as soon as possible. I’ve had the best time of my whole life here. Thank you.

10:00pm, Melbourne time

Only one hour and a quarter to go, and I’ll only have one and a half in Singapore to get to my next flight. I’m kind of nervous – what if I get lost and end up being stuck in Singapore?! Well, let’s not paint the devil on the wall, as we say in Germany.

I’ve been listening to Revolverheld (my favourite German rock band) and Nightwish (Finnish symphonic power metal, verrrry popular with our large Goth population in Germany) for the last hour. I have to mention, I love Australian music. My absolute favourite female singer is Kate Miller-Heidke and I’m so happy I got to see her live in concert and got a shirt and a signed calendar 🙂 The Cat Empire is great too, and Trouble In The Kitchen. Oh you Aussies! You’re allrounders! Here on the flight they’ve actually got Tokio Hotel, a German emo-visual kei-rock-whatever-something band that you either love or hate. I’m one of the few who don’t have much of a tendency either way – maybe I’ll listen in on it on my next flight.

I’ll be getting home on the first of May, and because that’s a holiday in Germany, my whole family will be there to pick me up. Woohoo! I think my mum will cry, and my grandmother might (we live in the same house, my parents, my brother, my granny and I) and I probably will, too, if out of many reasons – because I’m home, because I’ve had to leave you and your amazing country behind, because I’ve made it alive through my exchange, everything.

8:45pm Melbourne time, 8:45pm Singapore

They’ve just shown the table of the connecting flights. Apparently my flight leaves at 23:50 instead of 22:50, and I’ll arrive at 21:25 there, so I do have some more time than expected. Good, because the airport is MASSIVE and they have trains between the terminals and everything. Besides, I still have my small hopes of finding that jewellery shop somewhere. Oh shallow, materialistic me!

I keep reading my letters and cards over and over and I can do that now without getting all embarrassing and teary again. It makes me very happy to know that there are so many people who will miss me as much is I miss them. (Not exactly the “I’m sad because I miss you” bit, but more that we’re good enough friends to miss each other.)

We’re going down, so I’d better wrap it up for now and put my stuff back in my very overcrowded handbag.

00:50pm Melbourne time

I’m on the plane to Frankfurt now, but we haven’t taken off yet.

Woah, action! I love Changi airport, guys. Singapore rocks. (And I’ve never seen more of it than two airport terminals, mind you. Although they are like the freaking MOTHERS of all airport terminals. There’s carpet EVERYWHERE! Except on the runways.)

I didn’t find the shop with the cute jewellery, but there’s more than enough other shopping opportunities.

First thing I did after getting out (and cringing as the humidity hit me) was to get changed. Sorry, woolly jumper, but you’re too hot for Singapore. Seriously.

There was an hour left before I had to get to my gate, so I snatched a trolley and had a look around. I’d been there before and knew most of the shops, but looking is always nice. (Looking, mind you. I still feel silly walking into a shop and innocently asking for the price of a bag that had caught my eye from outside, and then the seller told me verrrry politely that “that one” is $430. Urrrr.)

At Accessorize! I bought some stickers and undies (TMI much?) and at Madame Butterfly, earrings and a really cute embroidered little handbag. Now I want to make a dress and do matching embroidery on it 🙂

Oh, and I bought Twilight to have something to read. I must have gone mad! For over a year I bravely resist the group pressure, and now I actually BUY it instead of at least getting it from the library. Oh, shame on me! Ah well. Who cares. You got me, guys.

At the gate I actually met a whole bunch of the German exchange students I came to Australia with. I have to admit I was a little disappointed, or not really disappointed, but different. I was the only one at a girls’ school, or who actually liked having a uniform, or seemed to be sad leaving. I don’t get this “wow, wasn’t this awesome!” vibe. Or maybe I’m just expecting too much.

The plane is moving now.

1:50am Melbourne time

Alright, we’re up and running – er, flying. I’m being flanked (wink wink, nudge nudge, Cat) by a) another exchange student guy and b) an elderly man. Ah well. Could have been worse.

I actually kind of slept through the take-off – I just closed my eyes briefly and when I opened them again, we were in the air and I really had to pee. So I annoyed my neighbours by making them get up so I could climb out. That’s the sucky bit about not sitting at the walkway.

Not sure what I’ll do now. I don’t really feel like watching a movie, but I can’t sleep yet – we’re getting dinner soon. (And there’s fish in it! Again!!!)

I just had a chat with the boy next to me – he’s called Nicolas and has spent the last three months with the Kiwis. He’s nice, but also: such a luck of “wow, awesome” – I think I really do expect too much.

This flight is going to take 12 hours, then I’m a few hours in Frankfurt and my last flight inside Germany is only an hour long. It’s hard to get into my mind that I’ve only just travelled halfway or even a bit less of my whole journey. And my sense of time is screwed royally. YAY!

Oh, by the way – I got a few replies to my texts in Singapore. Thanks guys, you’re awesome.
They’re coming around with dinner now 🙂

2:08am Singapore time

Alright, I’m really sure now I don’t need my Germany school back. Why do Germany have to be so generally grumpy and discontent? Why can’t we be a bit more laid-back, like you Aussies? To exchange Matthew Flinders for a whole year-level of half-hearted bogans seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. While we don’t have uniforms or weekly assemblies or community teams and all that, I think we make our own restrictions in our heads. You do have the odd emo or goth or freethinker, but the rest isn’t as generally open-minded and thinking for themselves as I experienced it at MFGSC, and those individuals usually end up as outsiders. That’s sad.

I think I’m going to try and sleep or at least doze a bit now. I don’t even want to think about it that it’s still over 24h until I get to my comfy, warm bed in Hilden. I miss everyone so much – in Australia and in Germany both. Right now I’m in between with no clear concept of where or when I am or what’s going to be. Help?

5:20am German time

Less than an hour to go now, we’ve already cut across lower Poland and are now over the Tchecque Republic. (Bet both my kidneys I spelt that wrong.) I’m almost back in Germany, and it feels very surreal.

I just finished watching “Billy Elliot”. Such a beautiful movie, and I love the scene where he gives Michael the tutu and teaches him a little ballet.

They guy next to me (not the exchange student) is weirding me out a bit, asking where I live and stuff. Seems a bit sleezy. Blergh.

I read a German newspaper 🙂 Wow, all the stuff that’s happened!

In Frankfurt I have time until 10:25am, so that’s about four hours. I should get some new leggings. I chucked out my old ones to make space in my suitcase.

We’re almost over Prague now 🙂

About two hours after take-off, I actually managed to kind of sleep for almost two hours. Still, I can feel a headache coming up, so I think I’ll have to take things slow a bit so the jetlag doesn’t knock me out. No great adventures today. As I said, cuddling my rabbit, reading, play station, etc. I don’t want to think about staying awake another thirteen hours or so. Brrr.

It’s bright outside the windows, but we’re too high and it’s too foggy to see anything. On the other side of the plane, they at least have a pink band where the horizon is.

We have to shut our tables and stuff, so I’ll write again when I’m at the airport.

5:45am German time


6:40am German time

I’m sitting at the airport in Frankfurt now, and I don’t really know yet what to do. My flight isn’t even on the board yet, so I don’t know which gate to go to and stuff. Annoying!

It’s 17°C and very, VERY foggy. We couldn’t even see the ground until the moment we landed. Now that’s what I call April weather! (In Germany, the weather around April is very unpredictable.)

I’m having a bit (or A LOT!) of a culture shock right now. All the signs are in German, the announcements, everyone speaks it. Sensory overload. After ten months surrounded by beautiful, laid-back Aussie-English, German seems very stiff, grammatical and unemotional. Let’s hope I get over it, it’d suck to live with this impression for the next years.

I’m going to wait a bit now until my flight appears on the boards, then I’ll get my boarding pass (in Melbourne they only gave me the two for Singapore Airlines, the last one I’m getting here in Germany).

I wish the Germany I see outside the windows was a bit more inviting, but actually I only really see about thirty meters far to the corner of the building, after that it’s all fog. Hello to you too, Father Country.

Regarding the language, there’s a sign at a construction site here that’s in both German and English.
German: “Liebe Fluggäste, wir modernisieren unsere Terminalanlagen, um Ihnen Ihren Aufenthalt am Flughafen Frankfurt zukünftig noch angenehmer zu gestalten.”
English: „Dear passengers, we are modernizing our terminal facilities for your future comfort.“

I got another text message after getting off the plane. Thanks, Steven 🙂

It’s seven in the morning. Around thirteen hours left until I can start seriously considering my bed, three and a half until my flight, four and a half until I see my family. Even that has kind of lost its thrill, although I miss them. My jetlag must be kicking in already, I’m feeling so indifferent to everything it’s not even funny. I still can’t grasp that I’m not going to be back at school in Australia on Monday, this all feels so surreal that I could as well be dreaming or hallucinating.

Quarter past seven. Still no announcement. Sigh. I might just as well start reading Twilight for a bit, maybe it’s not sooo bad, who knows.

7:30am German time

While I still can’t say that I like Twilight (the only thing I can definitely say after reading 8 pages is that the whole style is so American) but this sentence just held me in place for a few minutes: “When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.” I should stop whining so much, you guys must be slapping your foreheads thinking, “Why oh why is she whining so much? This is a super professional and serious travel documentary, after all! We want something GOOD for our money!” Oh, wait. No money involved. Touché! Maybe I should tell you the tale of the greatest tragedy of my life involving strawberry ice cream. It all started when I was a mere sweet three years old…

Alright, ‘nuff silliness. This is getting embarrassing. I’ll only write again after something has happened.

8:40am German time

Finally! Action, drama, suspense, something to write about!

More or less, that is. I went through the passport control (where I was a bit put off by the unfriendliness of the staff, but I’d better get used to that QUICK – Germany has its strong points, but customer service is not one of them) and then found myself the Lufthansa service center (Lufthansa is the German airline I’m flying with to Düsseldorf) to get some info which gate to go to, and also my boarding pass. The lady there was quite friendly, that cheered me up again 🙂

Then security check, and now here I am, with a good one and a half hours to go. There are newspapers, and on the front page of BILD (that’s “picture” or “image”, and the like the German “Herald Sun”, just worse) it says that the first case of swine flu has been diagnosed in Germany. Oh, awesome!!

I still keep asking people stuff in English, or answering in English, and things like that. I got my directions to the service center in English, lol. Didn’t notice until afterwards.

Now there’s nothing left but waiting for my plane. Fortunately, I’ve got a window seat 🙂

Oooh – I’ve heard the first person swearing in German! NOW I FEEL HOME XD

9:45am German time

My flight is delayed by 15 minutes *sigh*

I’m slowly getting excited again. While I’m going back home, there’ve also been changes since I left. One of my two rabbits, Schnuffel, died in February. In school, there are no more class groups, but courses, like I had in Australia. And also, the shop is gone.

There’s a bit of an explanation due on that one. My grandmother and -father had a small newspaper shop for the last forty years, and after my granddad died, she continued on her own for the last eleven years, of course helped by my family. However, it really wasn’t fun anymore – hardly brought any money, my grandmother is not the youngest or fittest anymore and has to go to dialysis three times a week, and my parents both work full-time, so they got up really early to be at the shop (on a minute or so from our house) and help and then go to their own work. Since New Years, it’s been closed now – now we will have breakfast together as a family, my parents can sleep long on Saturdays, my grandmother does not have to work anymore, there’s just less financial worries and more family time.

I’m still going to miss it though, because it just was such a great part of my childhood. All the customers know me as her granddaughter and stuff like that.

What else will be different? Probably everything, because now I am different.

10:50am German time

OH. MY. FRICKING. GOSH. Like checking in at Tullamarine wasn’t bad enough already, I just had my second big (and unpleasant) adrenaline rush.

I keep your cards and letters in my diary (not school diary, but where I write what I do and stuff) and had been writing this at the gate, waiting for my flight, so I took out the diary. The flight was declared ready for boarding, I went to the queue for the bus that takes you to the plane, and had a nice chat with another passenger – until I noticed that my bag closed suspiciously easily. Why? Because the largest item was missing: my diary.

I completely panicked and ran back past a felt bazillion people to check at the table where I had been writing, but no success. I was SO close to tears and getting seriously hysterical. The few remaining passengers waiting to pass the gate were very sympathetic and a middle-aged lady helped me go through all the newspapers on the coffee tables, in case someone had put a paper on the diary. Finally, I went to ask at the counter if there was a lost property office or something – and there it was, bright green and with muddled corners! I didn’t even mind the staff person’s unfriendly comment – losing my diary would have been losing six months of my life in Australia and all my beloved cards and letters! OMG!

Now I’m on the plain since fifteen minutes, and that’s already half the flight time. Germany really isn’t all that big after all.

Before we took off, I actually saw a Qantas plane parked in Frankfurt!

Outside, I can see Germany. Red-roofed, white-walled houses clustered amidst a huge patchwork of fields, ochre and reddish brown and bright yellow and all shades of green. I also saw a small castle in the hill 🙂 No matter what the people here are or aren’t, I live in a beautiful country. Everything is still a bit foggy, but the sun has come out so it’s only a little misty anymore.

I’m sitting next to an elderly lady from Venezuela.

Okay, we’re descending already. The next time I write, my journey will be over. By now I’ve written fifteen pages on it. When I’m home, my exchange is truly over – but not my friendship with you or my love for your country or my wish to come back as soon as possible. By writing this all I felt like I could keep Australia with me just that little bit longer, and I’m happy if you’ve read this far an – gasp! – might even have enjoyed it. I hope we’ll still hear from each other muchly in the future 🙂

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  1. Ja. Ich. Schon wieder. ^^
    Was du über unsere Landessprache sagst, stimmt schon. So genau hatte ich darüber noch nicht nachgedacht, aber im Englischen gibt’s mehr Wörter, die “rollen” und weicher klingen (wird ja auch häufiger gesagt, wir würden so militärisch klingen), mir gefällt das auch besser.
    Sprecht ihr daheim ab und zu Englisch? Ich glaube, gerade für den Übergang wär’ das nützlich…

    Well, ich hoffe, du lebst dich wieder gut ein (soweit du das willst).

    Liebe Grüße aus dem (gerade nicht so nebligen) Frankfurt,


    Comment by hedgefairy — May 10, 2009 @ 6:32 pm

    • Ich hab das ja früher beharrlich nicht glauben wollen, dass Deutsch irgendiwe “harsch” klinge oder so, aber jetzt find ich’s selber – so kann’s gehen 😛 Englisch klingt irgendwie lässiger, und wenn man da noch so nen Batzen Slang reinhaut, kann Deutsch da einfach nicht mithalten in Sachen “Ich bin jetzt zu faul für gescheite Grammatik” ^_~
      Hier zu Hause sprechen wir kein Englisch, aber mein Vater und ich lesen beide sehr viel englische Bücher, Websites und so. Bissl fehlt’s mir im Alltag ja, aber Deutsch hat mir in Australien eben auch gefehlt. Das ist das Traurige daran, wenn man so herzmäßig zwei Zuhause hat 🙂

      Mit dem Einleben geht’s ganz okay, schätze ich – könnt schlimmer sein ^^ Das kommt schon irgendwie wieder.

      Comment by kjesta — May 10, 2009 @ 7:41 pm

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