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Life’s A Doll House | May 14, 2009

Today I had my first (and also last ever, if everything goes right) Latin test. It was about Publius Terentius Afer, and I have to say that while I answered the questions concerning his biography, the structure of a Roman comedy and the discussion about child-raising (authoritarian or liberal?) in his play “Adelphoe” pretty easily, I am concerned about my translation and analysis of the first sentence’s syntax. I have just not had enough practice of translating Latin texts in the last ten months, on your own you just don’t have all the valuable discussion of grammar and context that you have in class. Oh well. I can only hope for the best.

Right now, Henrietta is sitting next to me on the window sill. She has her own page here, The Mechanical Princess, where there is a little information about her. The poor girl has been lying without hair or clothes in her little (or not so little, considering that she’s almost 60cm tall) box for the past ten months, now she’s out and about again, mostly sitting on her little sofa in her part of the big shelf. I have neglected her quite a bit and, for a while, even considered selling her again because I didn’t bond with her as much yet as I thought I would. (The BJD fandom is a strange one, with all their bonding talk and stuff – and I’m right amongst them. Oh dear.) Considering how expensive and time-consuming she was to get though, I’m not willing to give her up yet.

I don’t think I’ve given her enough of a chance yet; I still want to do her body-blushing, give her a new face-up, do the second head (they’re exchangeable, not both to be put on the doll at the same time 😉 ), do something about the wobbly head cap, maybe another wig sometime, and most of all do something for her poseability, meaning adjusting her stringing, sueding and wiring her joints, and such. And since I have read about some teddy-making kits having little satin hearts to put into them before sewing them up, I’d like to put one into Henrietta, just because. Let’s not even start about clothes – so much sewing to do! I also have to glue her goggles back together, they fell apart when I took them along to Australia.

If I’m going to have other dolls in future, I think I might go more for smaller dolls, MSD size – I’m completely in love with Tania from Iplehouse’s Noctarcana series. How beautiful is her Pierrot face-up! Although I’d love to have any version of her, and at 300$ for the basic version she’s affordable. And how good are the mobility thigh-joints? Maybe next year, after Christmas… Akando with Pierrot face-up is stunning too, although I think I’d be a bit scared having him in my room at night. Errrr. But isn’t his face sculpt beautiful? And, I can’t believe they’re going to discontinue Cocori! I wanted one to be Henrietta’s best friend, but I’m never going to have the money in time. So not good.

I could go on and on and on about dolls, they are just so beautiful and versatile and awwww… If only I had the money to buy them all! Unoa, here I come! Oh, how I’d like to have a Unoa… Lusis and Sist and B-El and L-Bi and ohmygodtheyreallsobeautifulandiwantthem. (Actually, I think Tania’s unpainted face looks quite a bit like that of Lusis, so one more reason to love her. A 300$ Lusis with awesome mobility joints and clown face-up? How could anyone beat that? EVER?)

On another note, I’m reading God Child by Kaori Yuki again. I started reading it way back when it appeared in the first issues of the German manga anthology Daisuki, but I think I was a bit young back then, at least I didn’t know to appreciate the gore and the wonderfully ambiguous relationship of Cain and Riff. I love the story Double, it’s just so… sick and tragic. Love that one panel of Ren holding Emilio with that tiny smile on his face after they had their fight.

I also borrowed a whole lot of art books from the library – composition, perspective, colour theory, animal anatomy, lighting, all that. I can’t wait to get back to my drawings! If I can get that commission of a horse portrait right, maybe I can establish myself a bit there and continue doing commissions like that, or even go into portraits of people. (I actually got one such request in Australia, but I’ll have to get back to that. I don’t think I’m good enough yet.) For the portrait, I’ll probably get 15€, that’s about 27$AU at the current exchange rate, a while ago it would have been closer to 30$AU. Not too bad, I think 🙂 I have to work really hard and improve a lot to really make the picture worth that money.

I should probably get back to my homework now and prepare some letters to be sent out tomorrow. Sorry it’s so doll-focused today, I just couldn’t hold back. Who knows, maybe someone actually enjoyed reading this 🙂

In future I want to up the blog a bit and make it more interesting to read – that is, I plan to write recommendations and such of books – especially ones that are less known, or German -, music, art, and so on. I wish I had an easier time getting photos onto my computer, at the moment it’s not working at all. I’ll have to think of something to do about it, it’s pretty image-free here.


  1. God, Tania ist ja traumhaft!
    Aber eigentlich tut mir deine Henrietta ja ein kleines bisschen Leid… Aber das wird bestimmt noch. Ich hab ja vor, mir in den kommenden Sommerferien (drei Monate ^^) eine Puppe zu schnitzen… mal sehen, wie das wird.
    Ich freu’ mich auf deine Buchempfehlungen! Mir geht so schnell der Lesestoff aus (und stur meine List abarbeiten ist doof).

    Liebe Grüße,


    Comment by hedgefairy — May 14, 2009 @ 8:55 pm

  2. Ja, Tania ist toll ^^
    Und mit Henrietta geht’s jetzt wieder, ich versuche grade, ihr eine Bluse zu machen. (Uff! Ich krieg das mit den Abnähern noch nicht so richtig hin… Och mensch.)
    Und schnitzen! Woah. Viel Glück!
    Im neuen Post gibt ein bisschen Gelaber über God Child, aber da kommt auch irgendwann noch was Gescheites 🙂

    Comment by kjesta — May 17, 2009 @ 5:13 pm

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