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Frills and Bubbles | August 6, 2009

Last Saturday and Sunday was the first German lolita convention in Bonn, including a reading corner, gastronomy, indie brand stands, raffles, bring & buy and info talks. It was amazing! So many beautiful lolitas and so many great clothes. I didn’t get what I intended to (bloomers and a new petticoat) but instead bought a whole lot of other things:

– a jumperskirt by Bodyline, actually an Innocent World replica, but I don’t mind much
– a lace headpiece by Les Incroyables, matching the dress
– a Dunkelsüß shirt
– a pair of earrings and a matching necklace
– a cameo that I’ll make into a necklace or a brooch to match my Innocent World Musical Note jumperskirt

Oh dear! I’ll have to post pictures. Monday I went to the library just to bring back one book and got all dolled up in my new dress and everything. It was very funny!

I’ve also got a new game for my Nintendo DS, it’s called “Soul Bubbles” and is really great. You’re a soul herder and have to bring the souls of the deceased to the other world in a bubble, protecting them from getting lost in the way. The graphics and music are absolutely beautiful, and it’s very original. I love it!


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  1. Das klingt ja, als wäre der Lolita-Markt ein voller Erfolg gewesen! Ist schon raus, ob und wann er nächstes Jahr wieder stattfindet?
    Dieses Jahr ging’s bei mir leider nicht, knapp 200km waren einfach zu viel… 😦

    Und du kannst unmöglich von deinen Einkäufen erzählen, ohne Fotos zu posten! 😉
    Ich freu’ mich drauf.


    Comment by hedgefairy — August 9, 2009 @ 3:48 pm

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