The Pickled Mushroom

| November 9, 2009

First off, I forgot to mention earlier that today I visited the basar at my bellydance studio. I loved it; my dance teacher improvised a beledi that was just incredible, I can’t wait to learn that. (She looked stunning in her dress too.) I bought a whole lot of stuff: a new hip scarf (red with beautiful red beaded crocheted hem), a cd, earrings and two necklaces. I could just barely resist the set of zills sitting there, but maybe if I decide if I’ll take part in the zills project. (I so want to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m actually at a point already where I can start to learn zilling. I’ll ask on Wednesday.)

What’s more, there was also a book market in our town and I bought a book from 1910 called “Women and their world” and three post cards stemming from World War I. Beautiful portraits on the front! They also gave me the inspiration on how to do an important scene in my novel.

It has been a long while since I have felt as strongly about two of my literary characters as I do about Jazz and Barb.

I love writing them.

And I wrote them a love declaration, just because. Right after I finished last night. I don’t care if no one ever reads this, but it has to get out. Here’s to you, Jazz and Barb.

Now, Barb and Jazz, I love you dearly. I know you love writing your own scenes and they’re awesomeness twentifold.

But now things are going a bit far. These two were planned to have tiny (!) supportive parts in the story. I didn’t even know Barbara’s name until she appeared and she surprised me by being full of unexpected personality. Same for Jazz. They are a dream to write because they go so well together – I can get fluff, drama and everything in between from them. Just perfect.

So, they got their own subplot. Which soon turned as big as the main plot. But, never mind, you’re awesome, so it’s okay.

But they’ve got so much unresolved sexual tension between them that it’s starting to not be funny anymore. Srsly, doodz. Such as, me accidentally typing “He let his arms travels down my clothes briefly” – it should be EYES, not ARMS! You’re not THAT far yet, it’s only your second scene together!

Well. Then we have him telling her she looks nice and then… the drum solo. OH GOSH, THE DRUM SOLO. It’s his first gig with this band (whose name cheaply hints at her name, btw – stingrays have barbs, get it?) at a bigger venue and she’s there to watch. She’s a dancer, doing bellydance and American tribal style. She gets completely caught up in the music, and when he has his drum solo, hardly anyone dances (because so often people are stupid and stand back and just look admiringly when someone has a drum solo, instead of dancing) but she does because drum solos are such a huge part of oriental dance. Well, and as a good drum-dancer solo does, it develops into a bit of a dialogue between the two. And it reads like a sex scene.

Now let me get this straight. They are both fully clothed. They spoke to each other the last time over an hour ago. There’s a huge crowd of people around, meaning the audience and band including Barb’s little brother and Jazz’ best friend, Abraxas. They are several meters apart. He’s sitting behind the drums, she’s near the stage somewhere in the front dancing. Everyone is watching. AND IT READS LIKE A SEX SCENE.

When I went on to describing that they were both sweaty and breathing hard afterwards, it didn’t help much. Them finding a rhythm together? Mention of her hips moving along, seeing that she’s a belly dancer? Yeah, completely innocent, I know.

And now I’m here thinking, “You two aren’t even supposed to be officially in love yet. The main plot still hasn’t started and the second MC of it has not even appeared yet. Can you please try not to be having mental sex in front of hundreds of people?”

Oh, I love this. I love it so hard. I might actually have to move this bit to a later point in the story, but it was so incredibly intense to write I had to sit back and breathe deeply several times. (Somehow most of their scenes are full of UST and fluff.)

So this is my official declaration of love to these two awesome characters. They’ve become the epitome of everything I love about writing. They’re the secret heart beat of this story. They’re so dear to me I could cry right now already about having to leave them one day when I’m finished editing. (Which will still be far off, seeing that the main plot still hasn’t started at 31k.)

So, Barb and Jazz, here’s to you. And thanks for everything.

MC = main character
UST = unresolved sexual tension


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