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Oriental and Medieval Dreams

September 21, 2009
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As it’s usual for me now, this has taken a while. School is keeping me incredibly busy and there’s a bunch of personal projects that are taking up a lot of my time, so not much blogging time left.

This is to write about my current obsession: oriental dance! Belly dancing is only an aspect of the whole, but the subject is so fascinating! I have worked a lot this month and now I’ve got some money to spend and decided to try out dancing. My first lesson is on Wednesday, just to try it out, but I hope to make it a regular part of my life.

I’m very excited and nervous, but I’ll just have to see – no telling yet before I haven’t been there. Let’s just hope for the best.

Last weekend was very tiring, but Saturday was exciting – there was a tiny medieval festival in a neighbouring town, and it was really good. I loved the band and bought their latest CD, they’re called Versengold and are absolutely brilliant. I especially love their song “Und schon wieder rollt ein Kopf…” (= “And again a head is rolling…”).

So, keeping it short for today, but I’ll have to report from my lesson!