The Pickled Mushroom

The Mechanical Princess

Name: Henrietta Maria Screw
Birthday: 24th September
Occupation: Inventor
Mold: Cerberus Project Delf Kum-Ran Special
Eyes: Greyish blue
Wig: By Iplehouse
Likes: Mechanical things, tea, goggles, brass, autumn, gloves, leather, brown and green, books, Jules Verne
Dislikes: Coffee

Henrietta came home on the 17th March 2008. She is an inventor and likes to tinker around with things. She wears mostly steampunk-inspired clothing, and pseudo-historical clothing mixed with elements like buckles, modern cuts, belts and goggles.
She is kind and calm, and tends to space out, off in some daydream about gearwheels and blue skies. She is intelligent, but a little on the quiet side. She has a kind smile for everyone and can often be found reading.

She is still lacking most of her proper steampunk clothing, but I’m working on it.

Currently she is sleeping in her box, as I could not take her along to Australia. Sweet dreams, Henrietta!


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