The Pickled Mushroom

The Bridge Princess

Online Name:

Birthday: 16th July

Location: Germany

The Princess: I have the strong belief that creativity is one of the most vital things in life. I have always loved stories of all kinds and I believe firmly that the act of creating something and knowing that it could not have existed without you is one of he most beautiful things at all. It helps you feel important when nothing else does, and it gives you a door to yourself and the world that would have been difficult to open without.

I also believe in Princess Skye’s philosophy that every girl is a princess, somewhere inside, regardless of the circumstances, whether she dons robes and sips rose tea or wears patched jeans and loves silly tv shows. And albeit I sometimes don’t feel like a princess and there will be a good many people who say I don’t resemble one in the least, Skye’s Princess Code is a source of great inspiration to me.

I’m also meatfree since the 1st of May 2009 and am very happy to have made this decision that is of great moral importance to me. It gives me the feeling of actively doing something to work towards a cruelty-free world, however utopian that may be. I hope to inspire people to do their own best to make this a better world.


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